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My husband and I leave today (thanks to Hurricane Matthew hitting Florida and postponing our trip one day) for the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia!!! Gonna be a fun vacation!!!!

Prague, Czech Republic

First day in Prague and we saw a whole bunch! From the torture museum, the astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square to the yummy yummy desert thing called a Trdelník. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for my sweetheart and I.

Day 2 in Prague was a very humbling day at that. We were fortunate enough to visit Terezín, a concentration camp here in the Czech Republic. This was a dream come true for me as a lover of WWII history; I’ve wanted to visit one since the 3rd grade. Being in the location were so many people met their unfortunate deaths was sobering, to say the least. I’m very grateful for this experience; reading in textbooks and seeing pictures will never do the justice of getting to experience a place like this first hand. To see the cells and living conditions of this Ghetto and then to ultimately see the crematory in person makes the horrible past so much more real. After this tour, we explored more of Old Town and did some shopping 🙂

Day 3 in Prague and our final day. We walked 13.3 miles today. We went to an Air Force museum, Army museum, St. Vita Cathedral at the Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Cathedral, and we got to see Dancing House. Very exhausting all in all but a very nice 2nd anniversary 🙂

Vienna, Austria

Well today we left Prague and traveled to Vienna, Austria via a 4 hour train. Upon our arrival, we got checked into the hotel and went to find the Hard Rock to buy our collectible shirt. Tomorrow we have a full day planned with lots of sight seeing so it’s an early night in for us!

Day 5 – what a very busy day! We walked all around Vienna and still didn’t see everything! Good thing we have a few more days haha. We went to the national treasury today and saw all the jewels, St. Stephens Cathedral, the Imperial Crypt, Town Hall, Votivkirche Cathedral, Athena’s statue in front of the Parliament house, the Natural History Museum and then finally the Soviet Liberation Memorial!! About 10 miles walked total but a very interesting day! Looking forward to our day trip to Slovakia tomorrow! 🙂

Bratislava, Slovakia

Day 6 – Today Mike and I went on a day trip to the capitol of Slovakia, Bratislava. It was FREEZING there!!! We walked around and saw a lot of neat places like the Blue Church, St. Michael’s Gate and St. Martin’s Cathedral. We then rode a catamaran back into Austria! I highly recommend these little day trips when in Europe; you get to travel to unique locations, often seeing smaller and less traveled countries along the way! And for Mike and I, that’s what it’s all about! Seeing the most unique things that we can!

Day 7 – Today Mike and I spent our last day in Austria. We walked around and saw the Austrian War Museum, Sigmund Freud’s old house and now museum, and then the Josephinum Medical Museum with wax models. Overall a pretty slow day in comparison. We got to walk around and just enjoy the last few hours we have in this city. We also got to see Votivkirche Cathedral 🙂 Heading to Budapest in the morning via train for our final stop on this European adventure.

Budapest, Hungary

Day 8 – Today Mike and I traveled to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, our final stop on our European adventure! 🙂 We explored the city at night and went on a Vampire Night Tour around the Buda Castle. We got to see this beautiful city all light up at night. Pictures really don’t do it justice! Looking forward to exploring this city tomorrow during the day! Today was also Mike’s birthday and what an adventurous one at that! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Day 9 – So today we saw one of my favorite places on this trip- Cat Cafe Budapest!!!! They had some huge cats and they were all very sweet. Made me miss my kitties at home 😦 We saw a lot of other monumental types places today while walking around Budapest. Between St. Stephen’s Basilica, Dohány Street Synagogue, Shoes on the Danube and Heroes Square, we covered a lot of ground. Looking forward to Buda Castle tomorrow! 🙂

Day 10 – Today Mike and I went to Buda Castle, House of Terror, the Hungarian Military Museum and inside Matthias Church. We both are pretty exhausted haha getting ready to leave Europe and be back home 🙂

Day 11 – Our last day in Europe! Today Mike and I rented a car and drove over to the Hungaroring, an F1 track, and Momento Park, where all of the old communist statues were placed after the fall of communism in Hungary. Overall a very relaxing and interesting day. And I finally got to see a lil kitty cat and he was super sweet and let me hold him! We came back to our room and got packed up and now just waiting for our flight. Can’t wait to be home to see our kitty cats and parents!!!

After a long layover in Amsterdam, my sweetheart and I will finally be returning home to the great US of A!!!! It’s been a very fun and exciting adventure but we’re ready to be home!!

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