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On November 5th, Mike and I set out with our almost four month old for a 17 hour road trip to Canada. When we got married, we planned to go to a new country every year but between my pregnancy and my dad’s health issues this year, we hadn’t been able to go anywhere new. We decided on Canada because I had never seen Niagara Falls plus we’d be able to drive there with Skara.

We packed up our suitcases and headed out bright and early on the 5th. Our plan was to try to get into Ohio (a new state!) and we made it to Canon, OH the first night. That night, on the Baymont Inn hotel bed, our babygirl rolled over for the first time. She waited 4 months and for a new state to go from her belly to her back.

The next morning we got up and hit a few National Parks in Ohio before starting the 4 hour drive to the Canadian boarder. While in Cleveland, we stumbled upon a Wyland Wall. Now, Wyland is my favorite artist. As soon as I saw whale art on a building, I knew it was his. Apparently all around the world, there are 100 Wyland Walls painted on buildings, roofs, doors, etc. This is what Cleveland looks like 🐋


Upon arriving in Canada, we promptly went to Mcdonalds for dinner and some famous poutine 🍟


The next day, we headed over to Toronto to see the CN tower and the Wyland wall there! We also went to the famous Casa Loma, the only castle in North America.



Following Toronto, the next day we did Niagara Falls! And gosh, were they beautiful!! I had always heard how amazing they were to see but actually seeing them in person, so pretty. And to be able to see them for the first time with Skara, that made it a million times better. We took a boat ride into the mist and everything! And Skara was so good; she actually slept on the boat only to wake as we got off. Here’s some pictures ⛴


After seeing Niagara Falls, we headed up Clifton Hill to do some major tourist shopping and see Hard Rock Niagara Falls Canada! I also found Fruitopia, a drink I used to LOVE as a kid! Oh, it tasted so good!


On Friday we actually headed back to New York to see yet another Wyland Wall, a National Park and then meet my cousin for dinner! And of course we had to go see Hard Rock USA for our shirt and pin!


After getting back to our hotel in Canada very late, we packed up and headed to bed to get an early start home the next morning. We ended up driving straight through! We made a brief detour in Wexford, PA to see my uncle and family and then heading on home. 17 hours in a car, with a 4 month old. Straight. And Skara was PERFECT! We are truly blessed with such a good baby!

Overall it was an awesome trip! Just something short to get us to a new country but also a milestone for Skara as she also left the country for the first time. I love exploring and experiencing the world with her and seeing it through her eyes! I can’t wait to see where she’ll go next!

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